Sunday, December 1, 2013

Next Week is Going to be Fun....

Wow, Wow, Wow....If you love College football then you  absolutely loved this last weekend...The only ones who absolutely hated this weekend...ALABAMA...Michigan fans, I think, can even stand the loss with the ballsy move by Brady Hoke...You wanna bet that all special teams coaches now practice Long Field Goals and how to defend them in case the kicker lofts a beauty that comes up just short....

This game was case in point to why I love college football...You think Auburn is out, back in, out, and back in again...You think that Auburn is going to have there hopes dashed when Saban gets one second put back on the clock.....and just think if that guy does not catch the kick...seriously did anyone think of that...another time I wish we all had Cartoon Character Bubbles over our heads...can you imagine the one over him....

"OMG, OMG, oh sh$%, oh sh%&, I got this,I got not drop we go, got it, block that guy, and that guy, uh-oh, have to stay in bounds.....yikes, almost stepped out.....HOLY SH%^ I am going to WIN the game....What up bi$%^#s.........."  or something similar, hahahahahahahaha.....

So here it is, the new Kasparek Poll and some scenarios for the BCS Championship Game:

1) AUBURN-WIN and IN...
2) FSU-WIN and IN..
3) Ohio State-Win and either an Auburn or FSU loss and they are in...
4) Missouri-Win and OSU loss and they are in.....
5) Oklahoma State-Win and Auburn, FSU, and OSU loss....
6) Alabama-OUT
7) Clemson-OUT
8) Michigan State-OUT
9) Arizona State-OUT
10) Stanford-Out

Auburn over Missouri
FSU over Duke
Michigan St. over OSU
Oklahoma St. over Oklahoma
Baylor over Texas
Arizona State over Stanford


HOMER HOPE of the week: IowaFootball  cracks the top 25 after consecutive wins over Michigan and Nebraska.

Throw-Up in my Mouth Moment of the Week: When the cameras caught AJ McCarron's Model Girlfriend asking him if he was ok after the loss as he ran off the field and hugged his Mom, Dad, and of course the Auburn Graduate Girlfriend who has been featured on all sports networks and papers since Brett Musburger googoo gagaed over her during last years BCS game....Puke....

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I Love College Football-Kasparek Poll

Oh my, how I love college football...How can you not...I have always loved it more than any other sport and it trumps the NFL every time for me...every time.  The reason, very simple, from week to week you never really know what can happen.  It is real drama with real "kids", with no "real" money...this season is shaping up to be a classic...a classic pain in the ass to fans and media folks around the country.

So here it is, the NEW Kasparek Poll...

1) Florida State-They will not have REAL test until the BCS Championship Game...Duke or UNC in a few weeks in the ACC Championship game and Florida next week....The only thing that could bring down the seminoles at this point is if the allegations being flung QB 1's way are true.
2) Auburn-If, and I think they will, beat Alabama, they are in the Championship game.
3) Alabama-See #2...
4) Ohio State-I want them to lose to Michigan.  I repeat, I want them to lose to Michigan.  I do not think it will happen, but I want them to lose to Michgan.  What can I say, I am a Homer...:)
5) Oklahoma State- They did not just beat Baylor, they DESTROYED them.....
6) Clemson-Not a lot of people are paying attention to them, but that loss to FSU is not looking as bad as it once did.
7) Missouri-Big game this week against A&M
8) South Carolina-Big week with Clemson coming to town.
9) Michigan State-They have a lot of ground to make up, but could over the next month.
10) Baylor- That was an A$$ whooping.  When you want to be the best you have to WIN the tough ones.

No longer in the TOP 10 and should not be: Oregon, Stanford

Big Games this week-
Minnesota at Michigan State-MSU
Ohio State at Michigan-OSU, but I repeat I want Michigan to win.
Florida State and Florida- Not even Tim Tebow can save the Gators this week.
Alabama at Auburn- Auburn
Clemson at South Carolina- South Carolina
A&M at Missouri-Missouri
UCLA at USC-USC has completely turned around their season.  Take off the interim tag and hire the guy already.
Arizona at Arizona State-ASU, Zona cannot do it two weeks in a row....

Sunday, November 17, 2013

A New #1...for now....

Over the next few weeks the Top 10 is going to be least that's what I predict....but like I said last week, I am done going off of the polls....This is the Kasparek Poll...

Top 12

Baylor- Sorry FSU fans, but Baylor is pretty unreal, and their schedule keeps getting stronger, while the Seminoles keeps getting weaker..
FSU-See #1
Auburn-Yep, it took a last second Holy Sh*t play, but their running attack is crazy.
Alabama-Sorry not really.
Ohio State-Still not that convinced on them, but they keep taking care of business.
Oregon-Pac 12 not looking so good these days....
Oklahoma State-Impressive victories, and could get better.
Texas A&M-Johnny Sharpie continues to impress and much as I hate saying it.
South Carolina-Nothing special, but takes care of business.
Michigan State

HUGE Games w/ Predictions:

Toledo OVER Northern Illinois @ Toledo
Michigan State over Northwestern @ Northwestern
UCLA OVER Arizona State @ UCLA
Kansas State over Oklahoma @ K State
Oklahoma State over Baylor @ Oklahoma State

Monday, November 11, 2013

Trap Doors and the 1st REAL Kasparek Poll...

Yep, I fell into the trap...I did what all of us do...I looked at the polls, looked at the future games and more importantly, I let the BCS dictate my thinking...

This past weekend I did something all sports fans like to do....Debate sports...but more importantly debate COLLEGE FOOTBALL...I have never for a second flip flopped on what sport is my favorite...COLLEGE favorite favorite conference.....THE BIG TEN(I know, I know there are not 10 TEAMS), let it die.

In that debate, I faced a hard truth and reality...I was letting the polls etc. dictate who I thought was the best...IT was not me, it was a combination of things....

That being said, I also came to a realization(which probably happened many, many years ago)...that all followers of any team in any conference can argue till they are red in the face why there conference is the best in the WORLD...and you know what...there is nothing wrong with that....

So without further is the 1st REAL Kasparek Football Poll...This is based on what I have seen, what I believe, who they have played thus far, who they have beat, and who they have lost to and where....

1) I do feel that losses can be worse than others..
2) I do feel that where you loose can have an impact.
3) The # of quality wins does matter...
4) If you were at full strength at the time of a win or a loss can matter.
5) Where you started in the poll does not matter...If it was up to me...Poll would not happen until just about now...
6) I do feel that how you win matters....

1) Florida State
2) Baylor
3) Alabama
4) Auburn
5) Ohio State
6) Clemson
7) Missouri
8) Oregon
8.1) Stanford(They LOST to UTAH)
10) Oklahoma State
11) South Carolina
12) Texas A&M
13) Michigan State

GO HAWKS!!!!!!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Hodge Podge Saturday.....

So sports just seems to get wackier and crazier by the day.  Sports reporters and sports news agencies all looking to BREAK the story seem to dig for anything and everything.  Shoot, who am I kidding, this is not just sports reporting, rather reporting in general these days.

Case in point, the entire Ingognito and Martin case in Miami.  Does anyone outside of the team know what is happening...nope, but you would think so.  There are way too many inconsistencies in everyones stories to even begin to know.  What I hate, and could add to my list previously in the week, is how ALL of us, including myself latch on only to the side of the story that interests us.  We will look for any news source, article, picture that provides us with our side of the story and too many times fail to look for the facts.  Example in this story...has anyone looked and seen if the transcripts of the phone calls included the entire conversations?  I can tell you they have not.

Best banter I have heard so far about this situation was via Mike and Mike's Podcast from the 7th....granted the 8th may even be better, but have not a chance to listen to it yet...

Now to the fun side of sports...

1) College Basketball Season has started.....and the truth is we really do not know think the College Football Polling can be crazy...It has nothing on the Basketball poll which will chenge 6,432.433 times before March Madness gets here....What we do know, and as Joey from friends used to say....Kansas..GOOD....Duke...Good....Kentucky....Good....Michigan State...Good....Louisville....Good....and the best thing for this HOMER...Iowa will eventually be ranked this season....

See as many games as you can of any Freshman in College Basketball with just a hint of talent...It may be the only season you ever see them play a meaningful game again....because it will be 1 and done for most of them before they go for the dollars in the NBA....The top ones of course will go to the teams with the worst NBA records, and they may someday get a chance to play for a contender, but more than likely not....

Another thing you just learned about my sports interests....College Basketball over NBA Basketball anyday.

2)College and Pick-ems for this weekend for the Top 25 and Iowa...

Iowa over Purdue(HOMER-VILLE, all the way)
Missouri over Kansas
FSU over Wake
Auburn over TN in TN
Texas Tech over KSU
Mississippi St will fall to A&M
Wisconsin over BYU
ASU will go to Utah and do what Stanford still wonders how they didn't.
Oklahoma State over Kansas
Miami over Virginia Tech
Central Florida over Houston
BAMA big over LSU
Notre Dame over Pitt
Fresno State over Wyoming

Happy Saturday and GO HAWKS!!!!

KASPAREK POLL 1.1 and Fantasy Football Angst...

Yep...picked that game correctly didn't I.  Oh wait...nope, had OREGON trouncing Stanford, and in a term that is sometimes overly used..."That's why they play the games"

I did correctly pick the Baylor Beat down of Oklahoma, so 1 and 1 isn't to shabby....

and in Fantasy Football news, the ever frustrating choice of Eli Manning or RGIII continues to drive me absolutely nuts this season.  Sat RGIII last night along with his 30+ points.

Eli, can you possibly give me just a small percentage of what your big brother provides his Fantasy Football owners....Please....

So here it is the Updated Kasparek College Football Poll going into the weekend...

2-FSU-One more tough game...
3-OSU-Not a tough schedule.
4-BAYLOR-For a few more weeks...they have a brutal schedule the rest of the way.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Night of Oregon and Stanford...

So Oregon and Stanford play tonight.  Pretty big game for both schools.  Oregon wins and they have smooth sailing the rest of the season.  Oh sure all of the OSU(Oregon State) fans out there want to say the "Civil War" game sparks a chance...Nope, it really does not.  Stanford wins and it keeps them away from the dreaded 2 loss mark and keeps them relevant in the BCS picture for at least another 2 weeks or so.

If Oregon loses, it knocks them out of the National Championship Picture and also worries the Duck fans that they may not even make it to the Rose Bowl.

The BIG, HUGE, POTENTIAL WINNER tonight...Florida State.

Oregon Loses, and Florida State is the clear cut favorite, and the team with the easiest road to the National Championship.

That all being said, Oregon will pound Stanford, Stanford will have 2 losses, and Florida State and Oregon will continue to jump back and forth over each other till one looses...

Idiots of the day: